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The Essentials:

We want to capture what you want to relive. Some couples may want coverage of the bridal preparation and only the main reception events, while others may wish to have complete reception coverage. You can customize our start and end times and our services begin at $4200. Please contact us to discuss your wishes.

• The Wedding Ceremony

1. Three camera, two operator shoot of the entire ceremony

2. Wireless microphone for the groom to capture the exchange of vows

3. Shotgun and stereo microphones to capture ambient sound

• The Reception

1. Two operator shoot of the reception

2. Shotgun mic to capture ambient sound and speeches

3. Audio feed from PA system if applicable

• Full coverage of ceremony

• Full coverage of reception main events with cinematic highlights

• Highlights Video – This is a video that tells the story of your wedding over the course of a song of your choosing. We take the best footage from your ceremony, reception, and upgrades, and carefully craft a short piece that shows your wedding in the best light possible.

• The Delivery

1. Creation of Blu-ray Disc with custom background menu style

2. Three personalized copies of the finished Blu-ray Disc with folios

3. USB Drive with HD masters and formats for Apple devices

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